Trolls – living like dogs

6 08 2008

Although I’m a fan of Tolkien’s work, these trolls are real, and are a potential hazard for bloggers. Have a look at the NY Times article link at the bottom of this post
I think this community define what Cynicism really means: “to live like a dog.”

They are a product, I believe, of Stoic Godlessness (or atheism if you prefer) and some of the rubbish we’ve been fed about the unavoidable demise of the planet.

You may disagree with me, but this is what I mean when I say it is dangerous to demand global behaviour based on unsubstantiated theories.
It is amazing just how easily the human mind can be reduced to a national tragedy!

If you disagree with me read page 4 and 5 about Weev who has obviously watched The Matrix one too many times and has abandoned his real identity and is basically causing havoc while he waits for 2 things: 1. the digital “messiah” to receive a calling and lead the trolls out of their caves and 2. for the world to finally spiral out of ecological control which someone as intelligent, young and connected as himself believes is imminent.

The Trolls Among Us




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