Kendell & Eaton

21 04 2008

We are currently busy with a week’s worth of Michael Eaton and RT Kendell teaching on one topic: The gift of Teaching in the body of Christ.

So far we have had one session from each of them but they are covering topics so close to our debate that I thought I must include some quotes:

Eaton on the text :Acts 8:26-35Do you understand what you are reading?

1. “We have to go back to the 1600’s to find the last time God’s Word was used so little by God’s people.

2. “Feminism has strange repercussions. I heard the other day that ‘Jesus suggested to the Father that he come and save the world & the father consented to the idea.’ As if there was some democratic process in the Godhead. It comes from the influence of the feminist movement. If you have trouble with man being the head of women, then you have trouble with the Father being the head of Christ.

3. “Scripture is both a record of God’s revelation and, at the same time, revelation itself.

4. “The Ethiopian was a man who recognised that he had got stuck. Despite having the Word he also needed help understanding it.
1. Get help: contemporary and old.
2. Recognise that the bible is written in very simple language.
Most heresy comes from twisting language, fragmenting sentences and complicating what is there. The smallest unit of meaning is the sentence. Don’t try exegete one word alone.
3. The way to understand anything is to put it into context. Hearing the words does not enable understanding. When you see what God was saying then then you will see what He is saying now.The theme of the bible is God’s salvation offer of Jesus to those in sin. If you preach any other main theme in the bible you will go skew. It’s not about faith for money, it’s not about ‘having a good self image’.
4. read your bible in the presence of Jesus. See Jesus in it, all over it.

Kendell on the text Matthew 22:23-33 ” 29 Jesus replied, “You are in error because you do not know the Scriptures or the power of God.

1. “Jesus said that the Spirit will remind you. If there is nothing to remind then what?
You have to put God’s Word into your head for the Holy Spirit to remind you of it.

2. “The Saducees were feeling smug. How many of us have the objectivity to see where we are wrong and to admit it.

3. “Gnosis = debatable knowledge, Oida = Fact.
Jesus said to the Saducees: ‘You don’t even know the facts.’

4. “‘Thank you for your word.’ is the response of those who come to hear.
‘The Spirit moved in power’ is the enthusiastic response of those who come to see.
The day will come when those who come to hear will see and those who come to see will hear. Then we will have, back in our churches, the astonishment of the New Testament.




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